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Diversity & Inclusion at MongoDB

We're committed to building a culture of inclusion that embraces the power of differences. This philosophy extends to our employees, users, customers and communities. We work to ensure that MongoDB is a place where people of all backgrounds can build their career.
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Building a culture of inclusion
“Embrace the Power of Differences” is one of our core company values and means that we commit to creating a culture of inclusivity with employees from different backgrounds. We value a diverse workforce as a way to broaden our perspectives, foster innovation, and enable competitive advantages. We learn from each other and respect each other’s differences. We believe that everyone deserves to feel welcome and safe in the workplace, and we recognize that underrepresented groups may not always feel this way.Core company values
MongoDB Beam on Being Black in Tech
Community and belonging go hand-in-hand
MongoDB Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) support our larger commitment to a diverse and inclusive community.These groups continue to evolve to reflect the needs of our employees and give the opportunity to build community, provide psychological safety, and give allies a forum to show support to their underrepresented co-workers.
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Progress takes listening and action
At MongoDB, we’re committed to building an intentional strategy to attract and retain diverse perspectives, when we get diverse perspectives we get products that support diverse needs. However, we recognize that in order to attract diverse talent, we need to have a company culture that embraces underrepresented groups. That’s why one of our core company values is “Embrace the Power of Differences.” We’re committed to building a culture of belonging where people of different origins, backgrounds, and experiences feel valued and heard. This is cultivated by learning from and respecting each other’s similarities and differences. We approach conversations with positive intent and believe that others value the perspective we each bring to the table.
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Inclusive thinking drives our innovation
Diversity in tech is more important than ever. In order for tech companies to sustain a competitive advantage and continue innovating, we need diversity of thought, background, and experiences within our teams. As the tech industry continues to evolve, lack of diversity within teams and non-inclusive cultures must be addressed to ensure all tech employees are working in an environment where they can thrive.

Employee Resource Groups + Inclusion Programs

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An employee resource group, also known as an ERG, is a group of employees who join together in the workplace and have shared characteristics or life experiences. These commonalities could be gender, race, ethnicity, or things like veterans, neurodivergent and people with disabilities. Our ERGs are open to all employees, whether they identify as a member of the community or are an ally.

Our ERGs are more than just places for employees to connect, but have the goal of educating and raising awareness for the unique challenges and experiences faced by members of underrepresented groups within tech. The development of our people and leaders is a top priority at MongoDB, and employee resource groups play an important role in helping all of us broaden our perspectives. Learn more about our ERGs below.



BEAM (Black Employees At MongoDB) offers a safe space and fosters an atmosphere of community and inclusion amongst people of color who identify as African, African American, Black, or Caribbean.



Config.MDB exists to advocate for neurodivergent and people with disabilities by helping improve the way MongoDB supports them, building a community of allies who help one another, and educating the broader MongoDB community about ways to be more inclusive.


Green Team

The Green Team is committed to driving MongoDB to become a sustainable, social, and environmentally responsible company that is relentless in the pursuit of reducing negative impact on the environment.



MDBWomen is a community of MongoDB employees identifying as women. They acknowledge that working women face many challenges and that not everyone experiences them in the same way. Their purpose is to connect and amplify the voices of working women at MongoDB by providing a space for support and advocacy.


MongoDB_ API

MongoDB_API’s mission is to celebrate, educate, and empower the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and facilitate an open, safe, and supportive space to discuss any current events affecting the community.


Queer Collective

The Queer Collective is open to all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. Their goal is to create a safe and open space for queer people and allies to meet, exchange thoughts, and build their network within MongoDB.



Queeries aims to create and maintain a safe environment for those identifying as LGBTQIA+ or questioning (in terms of sexuality, gender expression, and/or romantic interest or preference). Members do not need to be out at work to be part of this group.



QueLatine’s focus is to build community and drive meaningful engagement with Latine employees globally by promoting activities that foster genuine relationships, professional development, and community support while honoring the diversity of Latine heritage.


MDBWomen in Sales

MDBWomen in Sales aims to make MongoDB a top employer for people who identify as women in sales by supporting the recruitment process of women candidates and retention of women sales executives through support, leadership development, and mentorship.



Underrepresented Genders in Tech (UGT) is a community for people of underrepresented genders in technical roles at MongoDB who want to provide and receive technical mentorship, career mentorship, and support from each other.



MongoDB Veterans support employees who are veterans of the armed forces, encourages recruiting of veterans, and provides a social framework for veterans and their supporters to build together. They work to increase the visibility of veterans working at MongoDB and encourage esprit de corps among them.


Mindful at MongoDB

Mindful at MongoDB is a community with a shared purpose of cultivating a safe place for discussing mental wellbeing. They are passionate about championing peer support, resource sharing, promoting programs, and engaging in empathetic and empowering conversations.

MongoDB’s Summits for Students

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Our Summits provide an early identification opportunity for students from backgrounds historically underrepresented in technology, who are passionate about exploring a career in software engineering.

Summit participants enjoy an interactive day of learning, which culminates with the chance to interview early for the upcoming summer’s Software Engineering internship. At each virtual Summit event, attendees will experience a unique opportunity to connect with current MongoDB employees to discover the steps of a successful software engineering career path!

Applications open late winter via our Students and Graduates page, and the Summit events take place in the spring.

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Resources for Students & Academia

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MongoDB strives to help close the widening skills gap through educational resources for students and educators.
  • Jumpstart your learning experience through MongoDB University, MongoDB’s free online courses, hands-on labs, and role-based learning paths.
  • For students: Apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack to receive MongoDB Atlas credits and free certification.
  • For educators: Register for the MongoDB Educator Community to receive access to free teaching materials and join the growing educator network.
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