Issue with MongoDB Free Certification after GitHub Student Program Enrollment

Hello MongoDB Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding an issue I’ve encountered with the MongoDB Free Certification after enrolling in the GitHub Student Program.

I successfully enrolled in the GitHub Student Program and understood that it provides access to MongoDB’s free certification. However, despite completing the enrollment process, I haven’t received the certification or instructions on how to access it.

I have followed the provided steps diligently and checked the relevant documentation, but the certification seems to be missing from my account.

Could you please guide me on the proper steps to resolve this issue? I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights you can provide.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards,
Ababsa Rabii

Hi Rabii_Ababsa ,
In order to get a free MongoDB certification through GitHub student program , you have to complete any learning paths provided by MongoDB . Visit for the learning paths.Upon successful completion , you will receive an email regarding the 100% discount voucher for the certification.
I hope this clears your doubt.

Hi, I just finished the Mongo DB C# Developer Path and I am registered as a GitHub student pack, I want to apply for Free MongoDB Certification ($150 value) but I don’t see it. How to do I claim the free credits… could you help me please or share the step by step, please?