Full Search Issue in url

Hi All,

I have a document which is having urls. I need make search a word which exist in url , but the same word is also exist in document.

Now i need to create a search which search in url only.

Example document:
<p>The purpose of this instruction is to provide directions for using billview. </p>
<p><b><span>To access BillViewer use: </span></b></p> 
 <li>Select or the drop down available in CFE under links or </li> 
 <li><span>Copy and paste <u> <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\"></a></u></span>&nbsp;into a browser window
   <li>Select the <a href=\"/km/view/kforce99073\" target=\"_blank\">3 letter client code</a> from the drop down list</li> 
   <li>Select “<b>Login”</b></li> 
 </ul> </li> 
<p>On the <b>Main Query screen:</b></p> 
 <li>Enter one of the following&nbsp; to find a participant

billview is appearing in url and other place of document.

I need to search billview in url only. How do i achieve it ?

Please help .

Hello @Amita_Rawat, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum.

You can try searching for "/billview/", the string along with the slash ("/") character - note the slashes happen to be there only within the URL.

Thanks Prasad. But we have two text index on two different fields of collection. I need to this full search only on one field. As your query is searching on both the field. How to we perform this url search only on one field which is having text index.

Any help will be appreciated.

You can try a regex search on the specific field.