Docker pull mongo:latest gives v4.4?

Why does pulling the latest docker image for mongo yield version 4.4.18? That makes no sense considering the support documents say v6 is the “current stable release” -

“docker pull mongo:latest” should download some version of mongo v6.

Also, is Windows a requirement of mongo v6? I can’t find any images of it that aren’t based on windows 0_0

Hi @q3DM17,

The “Docker Official” images on Docker Hub are maintained by the Docker Community. I’m not sure why 4.4 would be tagged as latest, but they seem to have 5.0 and 6.0 available as well: GitHub - docker-library/mongo: Docker Official Image packaging for MongoDB.

I would try:

docker pull mongo:6.0

You can raise issues/questions in their GitHub repo: Issues · docker-library/mongo · GitHub.

No. Linux, Mac, and Windows are all Supported Platforms per the MongoDB Production Notes.

If you search by tag versions on Docker Hub, there appear to be several MongoDB 6.0 versions available for Linux: Docker Hub mongo 6.0. The Docker Hub mongo Readme has more information on supported architectures and image variants they produce.


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