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Accelerate development, address diverse data sets, and adapt quickly to change with a proven application data platform built around the database most wanted by developers 4 years running.

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MongoDB’s document data model naturally supports JSON and its expressive query language is simple for developers to learn and use. Functionality such as automatic failover, horizontal scaling, and the ability to assign data to a location are built-in.

Flexible and intuitive data model

Data as code

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Radically simplify your data infrastructure with an application data platform that powers your transactional, search, mobile, and real-time analytics workloads on any cloud.

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the document data model

The most intuitive way to work with the data generated by today's applications

Rich JSON Documents

Documents map to how developers code, support arrays and nested objects as values, and allow for flexible and dynamic schemas.

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Work with data as code

Easily composable queries that allow you to filter and sort by any field, no matter how nested, with support for aggregations, geo-location, graph search, time-series and more.

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Support complex requirements

Address your most sophisticated application requirements with joins, distributed multi-document ACID transactions, and more.

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  "_id": "5cf0029caff5056591b0ce7d",
  "firstname": "Jane",
  "lastname": "Wu",
  "address": {
    "street": "1 Circle Rd",
    "city": "Los Angeles",
    "state": "CA",
    "zip": "90404"
  "hobbies": ["surfing", "coding"]

> db.users.find({ "" : "90404" })
{ "_id": "5cf0029caff5056591b0ce7d", "firstname": "Jane", "lastname": "Wu", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "507f1f77bcf86cd799439011", "firstname": "Jon", "lastname": "Davis", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "5349b4ddd2781d08c09890f3", "firstname": "Jim", "lastname": "White", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "5bf142459b72e12b2b1b2cd", "firstname": "Jeff", "lastname": "Taylor", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "5cf003283b23d04a40d5f88a", "firstname": "Jerry", "lastname": "Miller", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "5bf142459b72e12b2b1b2cd", "firstname": "Jai", "lastname": "Williams", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "5cf0036deaa1742dd225ea35", "firstname": "Jess", "lastname": "Johnson", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "54495ad94c934721ede76d90", "firstname": "Jill", "lastname": "Brown", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "566eb3c704c7b31facbb0007", "firstname": "Janet", "lastname": "Jones", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
{ "_id": "5a999cc461d36489a27f2563", "firstname": "Jan", "lastname": "Smith", "address": { "zip": "90404" } }
order = { line_items : [ { item : 5, quantity: 6 } ] }
db.orders.insertOne( order, session=session );
for x in order.line_items:
    { _id  : x.item } ,
    { $inc : { number : -1 * x.quantity } },
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For the developers, it is easy, really easy for them to work with quickly. Spending time on building business value, rather than data modeling.
MongoDB Atlas automated the configuration and provisioning of MongoDB instances onto Azure, and we rely on it now to handle on-going upgrades and maintenance. A few simple clicks in the UI eliminates the need for us to develop our own configuration management scripts.
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