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Relational Migrator. Migrate to MongoDB with confidence.

Accelerate your shift from legacy relational systems to a modern developer data platform. Streamline schema design and data migration with Relational Migrator.
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Simplify your data architecture
Relational Migrator addresses common migration and data modeling challenges, de-risking your transition to MongoDB while helping you take full advantage of the document model.
  • Migrate from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Sybase ASE
  • Migrate to any Atlas or self-managed MongoDB deployment
  • Reimagine complex relational schemas as MongoDB documents
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Design an effective MongoDB schema

Relational Migrator analyzes your relational schema and gives recommendations for mapping to a new MongoDB schema. Use the visual interface to consolidate your large number of tables into a smaller number of collections by using embedded documents and arrays.
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Seamlessly migrate and transform data to MongoDB

Create snapshot or continuous sync jobs to migrate data from your relational database to a target MongoDB cluster based on your new schema mapping. After migrating, conduct data validation right from Relational Migrator.
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Get a head start on application modernization

Relational Migrator can assist you with writing new code or updating existing code to work with MongoDB. Generate Java, JavaScript and C# code from your new data model, and convert existing SQL queries and stored procedures to MongoDB Query API syntax.
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Convert SQL queries using generative AI
Read the blog to learn how Relational Migrator can help convert existing SQL queries. Request access to this capability directly from the latest version of the product.Download Latest Version

Get migration assistance

You’re not alone in your migration journey. Meet experts from the MongoDB ecosystem that can help you execute your migration plans and modernize your applications.

Professional Services

Tap into the deepest bench of MongoDB expertise, from migration planning and application development to team training.


Migration Partners

Discover certified SI and technology partners to help you at any stage of your digital transformation.

"Migrating an entire database is a pretty bold and risky endeavor. Our main priorities - and challenges - were to do a complete data platform migration, as well as add in scalability and flexibility without disrupting the platform or hindering data security. Amazingly, using MongoDB Relational Migrator, we didn't experience any disruption or downtime."
Vivek Bhandari
CTO, Powerledger
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"I was genuinely amazed by its outstanding performance. The user interface of the tool is intuitively designed, and the entity relationship diagrams proved to be invaluable in offering a detailed visual representation of my data structures."
Peter Madeley
Senior Software Engineer, Nationwide Building Society

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  • Schema analysis
  • Schema recommendations
  • Data migration
  • App code generation