MongoDB Atlas

Move faster with a cloud MongoDB service. Built for agile teams who’d rather spend time building apps than managing databases. Available on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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MongoDB Atlas is the global cloud database service for modern applications. Deploy fully managed MongoDB across AWS, Azure, or GCP. Best-in-class automation and proven practices guarantee availability, scalability, and compliance with the most demanding data security and privacy standards.

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What's New

MongoDB 即服务对比

了解 Atlas 与 Amazon DocumentDB、Cosmos DB 等 MongoDB 竞品的对比。

完全托管的 MongoDB


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  • 512 MB 存储
  • 共享 RAM
  • 高度可用的副本集、端到端加密、自动补丁、REST API


  • 10 GB 或以上存储空间
  • 专用 RAM
  • 性能优化工具
  • 备份和时间点恢复
  • 企业安全功能,包括加密密钥管理、LDAP 集成和细粒度数据库审核
  • 全球集群