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MongoDB and AWS: Unlocking Public Sector Innovation

Build secure and innovative solutions with MongoDB Atlas and Atlas for Government on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
MongoDB and AWS: Accelerating Financial Services Innovation
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Streamline and expedite your data-driven endeavors
Enhance your development speed and efficiency with an integrated set of database and data services. MongoDB on AWS powers public sector organizations to build highly available, performant, and security-compliant solutions.Find the right solution for your organization
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AWS Public Sector Competency Partner
AWS Public Sector partners offer cloud-based solutions that foster innovation and advancement for government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and various public sector entities, regardless of their size.

Public Sector Solutions

Fast-track development and accelerate time to mission for federal, state, and local governments, defense agencies, and educational institutions.

Modernize state and local governments to deliver citizen welfare

Quickly and easily build and deploy secure, highly scalable, distributed applications to improve the experiences citizens have living within your state or local government.


Power the future of education with an integrated suite of cloud databases and data services

Enable your education institution to deliver on its goals related to ongoing learning, resource distribution, and technological innovation.


Manage, protect, and analyze healthcare data securely and at scale

Consolidate healthcare data into a unified view, safeguarding sensitive information, including patient data, claims, and policies.


Build modern applications that meet US federal security and privacy standards

Empower federal agencies with a mission-critical data solution featuring robust security controls like network isolation, role-based access, and always-on encryption for seamless and secure operations.

MongoDB Atlas for Government

MongoDB Atlas for Government (U.S.)

MongoDB Atlas for Government, available on AWS GovCloud, empowers your journey to build and modernize applications in a secure, fully-managed, dedicated FedRAMP® authorized environment.Learn more
Available in AWS Marketplace
MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas

Harness the cutting-edge powers of the market's most innovative cloud database service, boasting unparalleled data distribution and mobility on AWS. Enjoy built-in automation for optimal resource and workload management.Learn more
Available in AWS Marketplace

Built-in security

Built-in security with queryable encryption and access controls, helping agencies secure sensitive data and prevent unauthorized use.


Time Series

Seamlessly integrate time series data, enabling swift trend analysis and anomaly detection for informed decision-making.


Built-in search

Elevate search capabilities with Atlas Search to find and extract critical information swiftly and efficiently.


Flexible deployment

Deploy MongoDB Atlas in 27+ AWS Regions across the world, delivering a consistent experience.



Automatically scale to accommodate evolving operational needs and regulatory mandates.


Embrace analytics

Breakdown silos to make sense of data and drive actionable insights for program delivery and innovation.

Industry Accelerator Program

Learn about our mission-critical solution accelerators – from industry innovation days, access passes, and jumpstart programs – that drive industry innovation.
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MongoDB and AWS

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MongoDB for Public Sector

Public sector organizations face a unique set of challenges. To address them, MongoDB Atlas for Government on AWS GovCloud offers key features to help accelerate innovation and break down data silos, all in a secure FedRAMP environment.

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Intro to MongoDB Atlas for Government

Unpack all the features that make Atlas for Government on AWS GovCloud a must-have solution for the public sector.


MongoDB for Public Sector datasheet

Learn how the leading developer data platform powers mission-critical applications in the public sector.


Atlas for Government achieves FedRAMP® Moderate

Find out more about MongoDB Atlas for Government on AWS GovCloud’s FedRAMP Moderate authorization.


MongoDB Atlas for Government Security

This session explores how to modernize with Atlas for Government on AWS without compromising on security.

MongoDB Atlas and Atlas for Government are available AWS Marketplace

Choose with confidence which solution is best for you and your agency. MongoDB Atlas is available in critical AWS regions. MongoDB Atlas for Government is available on AWS GovCloud (US), and in US East and US West AWS FedRAMP Moderate Regions
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Learn more about MongoDB for Public Sector