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Media and Entertainment

Among the Fortune 500 and Global 500, MongoDB customers include 10 of the top media and entertainment companies.

Publishers and other media organizations engage with their customers through a diverse set of digital products. Consumer electronics have proliferated and diversified in the form of smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other new devices. Media and entertainment organizations must adapt to these changes, which present both new opportunities to engage with customers and threats to traditional business models. Organizations in media and entertainment are in a unique position to weave together their rich media assets with new types of user engagement.

Example Media and Entertainment Solutions

Content Management and Delivery. Content lies at the heart of many digital products in media and entertainment. Text, images, audio, video, metadata, entitlements and other types of media produced by content workflows can be stored in MongoDB for rich, interactive user applications. Users can reliably engage with content across a wide variety of endpoints, including smartphones and tablets. MongoDB empowers publishers to engage their customers more quickly as new delivery models emerge and as new content and services move online.

User Data Management. As users interact with different properties, games and content assets, companies need to track and maintain a rich set of attributes in real-time. Regardless of the device – smartphone, tablet portable gaming or other device – users should experience a seamless, interactive experience that also incorporates their personal contexts, histories and relationships. Some of the world’s largest gaming and media companies rely on MongoDB for user profile management because of its flexible data model and powerful query capabilities, which enable a better user experience through rich access to user data and real-time analytics.

Digital Asset Management. The key assets for many media organizations are the products of their content workflows, like books, periodicals, journal articles, images and educational products. Various workflows are responsible for the production of these assets, and many different areas of the business – including online applications, syndication processes, licensing and billing – may need access to the associated metadata. MongoDB provides a flexible, searchable repository for managing all digital assets across the organization, facilitating cooperation and reducing time to market.

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Other use cases for MongoDB in media and entertainment include:

  • Content Archiving
  • Product Catalogs
  • Mobile and Social Apps
  • Feed Aggregation
  • Targeted Ad-Serving Platform