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MongoDB and AWS: Accelerating Automotive Innovation

From factory to finish line, drive efficiencies with MongoDB Atlas on AWS

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AWS automotive competency
MongoDB is an AWS Automotive Competency Launch Partner!

The AWS Automotive Competency is a specialized designation awarded to MongoDB, a trusted AWS partner, for demonstrating deep technical skill and expertise in delivering automotive solutions on AWS. To achieve this competency, AWS Partners must undergo rigorous technical validation and display proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

MongoDB Atlas, the fully-managed and flexible developer data platform that is easily accessible in the AWS Marketplace, is now a recommended partner by AWS for automotive solutions. So buckle up, and get ready to unlock your next innovative use cases with MongoDB Atlas on AWS to deliver the next-generation of vehicle experiences.

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How MongoDB Atlas on AWS Powers Automotive Innovation

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Industry 4.0

Bring on data-driven insights and real-time analytics. With MongoDB Atlas on AWS, you can combine your data across IT and operational technology (OT) and analyze it in real-time for faster decisions, higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and better quality.


Real-Time Analytics

Industrial IoT (IIoT) and connected devices data volumes are growing exponentially. MongoDB Atlas on AWS scales seamlessly and can ingest enormous amounts of sensor and event data. Power real-time analytics to catch critical events as they happen.


Storage Auto-Scaling

MongoDB Atlas on AWS provides automated scalability allowing you to adapt your clusters with demand. As sensor data gets colder over time, automatically offload cold data into Amazon S3, while maintaining the ability to query hot and cold data through a single API.


Developer Productivity

As a leading developer platform on AWS, MongoDB Atlas helps you gain efficiencies to build digital twins and applications faster. Use MongoDB Atlas as your cloud backend on AWS—plus MongoDB Realm and Atlas Device Sync—to make it easier to connect smart vehicles with cloud and mobile applications and delivers powerful middleware for digital twins.


Time Series Applications

MongoDB Atlas on AWS supports time series data natively so you can analyze trends and identify anomalies quickly. The combination of time series data with other data structures such as digital twin models within the same data platform dramatically reduces complexity, development efforts, and costs by avoiding additional ETL processes and data duplication.


Intelligent Applications

MongoDB Atlas on AWS offers vital features for AI/ML applications. It provides a flexible document data model for easy adaptation to evolving data needs, auto-scaling and high availability for peace of mind as data volumes and model complexity grow, rich querying capabilities for efficient data preprocessing, and MongoDB Atlas Vector Search for seamless GenAI and semantic search with custom LLMs developed using Amazon SageMaker.

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Harness the Power of AI/ML and GenAI

Learn how you can transform your business with generative AI on AWS with MongoDB Atlas.

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“MongoDB Atlas helps us innovate through integrating our data sets and back-end management while delivering better ROI than any other solution on the market. And, because it’s a managed service on AWS, we don’t need to develop the core competencies in-house to maintain it, freeing us to focus on strategically advancing the business for our customers.”
Stephan Kaufmann
Chapter Lead DevOps, SHARE NOW
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“MongoDB Atlas on AWS is stable and scalable, and gives us the flexibility we need for critical operational work.”
Ranjan Moses
WeKan, Chief Technology Officer
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MongoDB Atlas is available in AWS Marketplace

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