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Testing Database Performance

Achieving high performance with your application database when it is in production is absolutely critical. Any downtime or service interruption could spell disaster for your business.

Testing database performance and establishing benchmarks, then, should be a regular practice of your operations team to gauge system performance. It gives insight into which elements to tweak for even better performance.

So when MongoDB released the latest version, 3.0, and touted its enhancements to performance, we thought to run a series of tests to support that claim. Using YCSB, a popular testing framework used to compare the performance of NoSQL databases, we saw between 7 to 10 times better performance compared to the MongoDB 2.6.

United Software Associates, an independent third party, tested MongoDB performance against other leading NoSQL vendors. The results found MongoDB far exceeded the others in terms of throughput and latency across a number of configurations. For this reason and more, MongoDB leads all NoSQL database products according to the latest DB-Engines rankings. Find out more about our tests by downloading the comparative benchmarks.

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