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Driving Business Insights with Hadoop and MongoDB

Hadoop is a software technology that stores and processes large volumes of data for analytical and batch operation purposes. Through the use of a Hadoop Connector, MongoDB works with Hadoop to help companies create complete applications that uncover new opportunities from analyzing data.

MongoDB is the database that supports online, real-time operational applications. Hadoop incorporates data from MongoDB and from other operational systems to drive sophisticated analytics and machine learning. Together, these two technologies complement each other by enabling complex analytics and greater intelligence.

The City of Chicago is just one example of a MongoDB customer who takes advantage of the integration with Hadoop to build compelling applications. The city built the WindyGrid, an innovative predictive crime prevention tool, that analyzes data from over 30 different city agencies to predict future outcomes on crime, public health and other key issues affecting citizens. For example, the City uses the data analysis capabilities of Hadoop and MongoDB to predict disease outbreaks and decide in real-time where to deploy first responders.

Other companies such as eBay, Orbitz, FourSquare and Pearson also use MongoDB and Hadoop to drive new business insights and grow their business.

To learn more about how you can combine these two forces for powerful effect, watch the video MongoDB & Hadoop - Driving Business Insights.

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