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Ecommerce at MACH Speed with MongoDB and Commercetools

Modernizing the ecommerce experience

Global retail e-commerce sales have surged over the last few years and are expected to grow by a further 56% by 2026, reaching $8.1 trillion.

One major problem standing in the way for many retailers taking advantage of this opportunity is that their legacy ecommerce and technical infrastructure is not ready for this new reality.

In order to provide the bare minimum consumers now expect and be ready for an omnichannel future, ecommerce infrastructure needs to embrace the following eight principles:

  • Real-time customer engagement

    : creating real-time responses to behaviors

  • Single view of customer engagement

    : breaking down data silos, reducing data duplication and increasing data consistency

  • Omnichannel

    : retailers must offer a multi-channel or multi-device experience

  • Mobile-first

    : ecommerce must be mobile by default

  • Dynamic product catalog

    : all in real-time

  • Inventory verification and order management

    : all in real-time

  • Scalability

    : infrastructures must be ready for sudden spikes in demand

  • Flexibility

    : the ability to store data together to achieve real-time reactions

Download this paper to learn how MongoDB and Commercetools make the above possible with the MACH approach

(microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless) to architecting modern ecommerce solutions.

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