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MongoDB Atlas Pro Datasheet

Industry leaders and startups alike rely on MongoDB Atlas, the fully managed database as a service for MongoDB, and round-the-clock support to run their deployments with the utmost confidence. MongoDB Atlas Pro gives you access to our consultative support team for end to end MongoDB support and MongoDB Compass, a sophisticated GUI that allows you to easily explore and manipulate your MongoDB data.

  • Move Faster.

    A global telco improved developer productivity by over 4x with our help. Your teams can ship code in weeks or months instead of quarters or years. The expertise provided by our support teams get you to production faster.

  • Reduce Costs.

    MongoDB Atlas allows you to easily monitor, deploy, optimize, scale, and back up your deployment, saving you time and money. Our end to end MongoDB expertise helps you eliminate application downtime. A leading insurance customer found that for every hour of reduced application downtime, it saved over $150,000.

What's Inside?
  • Fully Managed Database as a Service.

    Easily deploy, manage, and scale your MongoDB deployments using built in operational and security best practices that we — the company behind the database — have learned from optimizing thousands of deployments from small to massive across startups and the Fortune 100.

  • Deep Monitoring, Query Optimization, & Customizable Alerts.

    MongoDB Atlas allows you to visualize and act on over 100 performance metrics, track database performance in real-time, and receive automated suggestions on how to improve slow-running queries. Atlas also allows you to set up custom alerts that trigger when metrics go out of range so you can uncover performance issues before they affect your users.

  • Consultative Support.

    MongoDB Atlas Pro provides access to expert, consultative support. The same team that builds the database helps you throughout your entire application lifecycle. Customers can ask MongoDB experts an unlimited number of questions, 24 x 365, globally.

  • Fully Managed Backups.

    Protect your business by protecting your data. An optional add-on service to MongoDB Atlas, our fully managed backup solution for MongoDB is the only solution that offers point-in-time recovery, the ability to query your backups, and synchronized snapshots of sharded clusters.

  • GUI for MongoDB.

    MongoDB Compass enables you to visually explore your schema and data, build and run ad hoc queries in seconds, ensure data quality, and analyze and optimize performance. MongoDB Compass also features a powerful visual editor designed to streamline your interactions with your data.

MongoDB Atlas Pro Features
Managed Database as a ServiceYes
Seamless Upgrades & Auto-HealingYes
Fully Elastic; Scale Up & Down with Ease & Zero DowntimeYes
Deep Monitoring, Query Optimization, & Customizable AlertsYes
Highly Secure by DefaultYes
Continuous Backups with Point-in-Time RecoveryYes
MongoDB CompassYes
Uptime SLAYes
Support SLA2 hours
Support Availability24 x 365
What's Next?

For more information, please visit or contact us at

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