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The Modern Application Stack - MEAN, MERN, and More

This book examines technologies that are driving the development of modern web and mobile applications, notably the MEAN and MERN stacks. The book includes tutorials that will walk through building all layers of an application.

  • Chapter 1

    : Overview of the MEAN stack

  • Chapter 2

    : Using MongoDB with Node.js

  • Chapter 3

    : Building a REST API using Express.js

  • Chapter 4

    : Building a client UI using Angular 2 (formerly Angular JS) & TypeScript

  • Chapter 5

    : Using ReactJS, ES6, & JSX to Build a UI (the rise of MERN)

  • Chapter 6

    : Browsers aren't the only UI – mobile apps, Amazon Alexa, cloud services

  • Chapter 7

    : MongoDB Stitch - the latest and best way to build your app

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About the Author: Andrew Morgan

Andrew is part of the MongoDB product team, responsible for building the vision, positioning and content for MongoDB’s products and services, including the analysis of market trends and customer requirements.

Before joining MongoDB, Andrew was director of product management for MySQL at Oracle – with a particular focus on distributed, highly available databases. Prior to Oracle, Andrew worked in software development for telecoms with a focus on HA, in-memory, real-time databases.

  • What is the MERN Stack?
  • What is the MEAN Stack?
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