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MongoDB Shell

The quickest way to connect to MongoDB and Atlas to work with your data and manage your data platform.

The new MongoDB Shell lets you connect to MongoDB to work with your data and configure your database. With its enhanced usability features (intelligent autocomplete and syntax highlighting, easy to understand error messages and contextual help), it’s the quickest way to work with MongoDB and Atlas.

Key Features

Syntax Highlighting

Input and output are easy to read
with color reading.

Clear Error Messages

When something goes wrong, error messages are clear and to the point.

Intelligent Autocomplete

Gives you autocomplete options based on the version of the server you are connected to.

Extensible with Snippets

Add functionality to the MongoDB Shell with the built-in Snippets functionality.
MongoDB Shell Demonstration, presented by Massimiliano Marcon, Senior Product Manager, Developer Tools, MongoDB

Ready to get started with MongoDB Shell?

Ready to get started with MongoDB Shell?Download MongoDB Shell. Start configuring your database and working with your data.