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MongoDB Atlas for Government (US)

The most innovative cloud database service on the market, providing the versatility needed to modernize legacy applications and support the unique requirements and missions of the U.S. government – in a secure, fully-managed, dedicated FedRAMP® authorized environment.

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Why MongoDB Atlas for Government?

The most secure way for the U.S. government to deploy, run, and scale MongoDB in the cloud.

Accelerate time to mission

Move faster with a database designed for developer productivity with broad workload support. Thousands of customers entrust MongoDB cloud services with their sensitive workloads.

Reliable for critical workloads

Highly available with automated backup and data recovery options alongside on-demand scaling

Government-grade security

Secure by default and run in a FedRAMP Moderate Authorized, dedicated environment for U.S. government. Also used for Criminal Justice Information Solutions (CJIS)
FedRAMP® Moderate Authorized

Atlas for Government (US) has achieved the FedRAMP Moderate Authorization. Atlas for Government is an independent, dedicated environment for the U.S. government and ISVs looking to build US public sector offerings. This developer data platform – an integrated set of data and application services that share a unified developer experience – supports a wide range of use cases including transactional workloads, time series data, search, and petabyte data storage.

Illustration of a government building connected to a MongoDB Atlas database

Dedicated environment

Atlas for Government runs in a dedicated environment built for U.S. government requirements. Atlas for Government is distinct from Atlas; the two environments are deployed and managed separately. If you’re running U.S. government workloads, Atlas for Government is the right service for you.

Supported Cloud Providers and Regions

AWS GovCloud (US)

  • US East
  • US West

AWS FedRAMP Moderate Regions

  • US East Northern Virginia
  • US East Ohio
  • US West Oregon
  • US West Northern California


Atlas for Government is a fully managed database as a service with pricing based on support level and usage. You’ll only pay for what you need.

Ready to get started?

Launch a New Workload

Deploy a cluster and insert new data in minutes using MongoDB Drivers or the Atlas for Government console.

Migrate a Current MongoDB Workload

Use MongoDB Atlas Live Migration to migrate from your existing environment to Atlas for Government with minimal impact to your app – for no additional cost.

Replatform an Existing Workload

Follow documentation or engage with MongoDB Professional Services to ensure a smooth migration and maximize your investment from the start.

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