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MongoDB on AWS Cloud Pricing

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MongoDB Atlas Pricing on AWS

With MongoDB Atlas, start on the perpetual free tier, and after that pay only for what you use.

How much does MongoDB cost on AWS?

MongoDB Atlas offers a perpetual free tier and usage-based pricing for as little as $9/mo for a shared instance or $60/mo dedicated. You’re only charged per instance hour actually running and a flat rate for data transfer, so changing configurations is no big deal.

The actual costs are going to come down to your level of usage and overall AWS pricing in your chosen region. We also offer an optional MongoDB Atlas backup service for a fee.

To make it easy to compare, we put together a table.

MongoDB AWS pricing by instance type

Whether you’re looking to dip a toe in, or spin up a high-performance cluster, MongoDB Atlas has what you’re looking for. Here are the prices for our most common configurations. For most dedicated instance types, there is also the option to add storage above what’s listed here.

The following prices were calculated in January 2022 in the AWS N. Virginia (us-east-1) region.

Cluster TierRAMStorageHourly CostMonthly Cost (estimated)

We also offer low CPU instance types, with comparable amounts of RAM and storage, at slightly lower price points.

Cluster TierRAMStorageHourly CostMonthly Cost (estimated)
M40 low CPU16GB80GB$0.77$556.26
M50 low CPU32GB160GB$1.48$1,064.33
M60 low CPU64GB320GB$2.92$2,102.40
M80 low CPU128GB750GB$5.61$4,038.36
M200 low CPU256GB1.5TB$11.21$8,067.95
M300 low CPU384GB2TB$16.63$11,977.11
M400 low CPU512GB3TB$22.40$16,124.97
M700 low CPU768GB4TB$33.26$23,945.46

To see exact, up-to-the-second pricing in the region of your choice, sign up for MongoDB Atlas and start creating a new cluster.

Data transfer fees

For most Atlas customers, data transfer fees amount to less than 10% of their bill, but depend on your specific usage patterns. Note: Data transfer fees are not assessed on M0, M2, and M5 instances.

Same region$0.01/GB

Backup services

Atlas offers fully managed, fully configurable backup services for your MongoDB cluster, starting at $0.14/GB/month, based on the size of your datafiles on disk.

MongoDB Atlas cluster backups utilize AWS snapshots of the underlying disks, and with Point-in-Time Restore (PIT) enabled, also backs up the cluster’s oplogs to enable fine-grained restoration. Because PIT Restore relies on continuously backing up oplog files, enabling it does increase the cost of backups for your cluster based on S3 pricing in the highest priority region for your cluster or shard.

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