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Column Store Indexes

Build fast, seamless user experiences powered by live data and real-time analytics — without fragile ETL pipelines and complex architectures.
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Rapidly deliver in-app analytics with low latency data access

Column store indexes use a column-oriented representation of your data to fuel in-app visualizations and analytics on top of your transactional data. Simplify, streamline, and speed up development.Learn more about real-time analytics
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Streamline complex architectures

Support a wide range of workloads with the MongoDB developer data platform. Designed for compatibility and ease of use, MongoDB reduces the need for external pipelines and third-party solutions — so you can build and ship products faster.Learn more about Atlas
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A powerful, developer-first experience

Work with data in the programming language of your choice. From aggregations to indexes, the MongoDB Query API enables you to transform, analyze, and manage data as your schema evolves.Learn more about Query API

Real-time analytics with MongoDB

Column Store Indexes enable real-time, in-app analytics using live-data on MongoDB.


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What are Column Store Indexes?
A Column Store Index is a new index type that you can add to your collections that enable faster aggregations that are typical of analytic queries. The types of queries that benefit from a column store index are aggregations that reference a few fields across a large number of documents.
How can I use Column Store Indexes?
Column Store Indexes are currently in preview through our Preview Program. Throughout this initiative, our product and engineering teams will work with you to test and implement column store indexes in your applications.
Is there a cost to the Preview Program?
It is free to sign up to the Preview Program. However, do keep in mind that because the feature is still in development, our team will provide tailored advice on how to best use the feature — and any feedback you share will shape future improvements.
When does the Preview Program launch?
Enrollment for the Preview is ongoing. We expect the program to end by summer 2023.
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Get a first look at Column Store Indexes

To learn more about the Preview Program for Column Store Indexes — and how our field engineering teams can help you get started — sign up today.
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