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What's New in MongoDB 3.6

What's New in MongoDB 3.6

Mat Keep

November 15, 2017

In this presentation, we introduce you to what’s new, including:

  • Change streams to build reactive, real-time applications
  • Retryable writes for always-on write availability
  • Schema validation with JSON Schema for new data governance controls
  • Fully expressive array updates to perform complex array manipulations in a single atomic update operation
  • Compass Community, providing a new GUI alternative to the mongoshell
  • Enhancements to $lookup for richer JOIN operations
  • New security controls
  • End-to-end compression to create efficient, distributed architectures
  • Recommended R drivers for data scientists and statisticians
  • Enhancements to Ops Manager, the BI Connector and the MongoDB Atlas managed database service

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