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MongoDB Mobile and MongoDB Stitch – Introduction and Latest Developments

MongoDB Mobile and MongoDB Stitch – Introduction and Latest Developments

November 21, 2018

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In this session, you'll learn how MongoDB Mobile and Stitch can help you build better apps, faster. We’ll cover how the application development landscape has evolved, and, how MongoDB's cloud services get you the most from this evolution.

Using real examples, you’ll see how quick and easy it is to build apps with MongoDB Stitch and Mobile – we'll also make sure that we cover the very latest features.

MongoDB Stitch is the serverless platform from MongoDB. Through Stitch’s four services, you can streamline application development with simple, secure access to data and services from the client – getting your apps to market faster while reducing operational costs:

  • Stitch QueryAnywhere: Exposes the full power of working with documents in MongoDB and the MongoDB query language, directly from your web and mobile application frontend code. A powerful rules engine lets developers declare fine-grained security policies.
  • Stitch Functions: Allows developers to run simple JavaScript functions in the Stitch serverless platform, making it easy to implement application logic, securely integrate with cloud services and microservices, and build APIs.
  • Stitch Triggers: Executes functions in real-time in response to changes in the database.
  • Stitch Mobile Sync (coming soon): Automatically synchronizes data between documents held locally in MongoDB Mobile and the backend database.

With MongoDB Mobile you can store data where you need it – from IoT, iOS, and Android mobile devices to your backend – using a single database and query language. Applications can use the Stitch SDK to access data, whether it's held on the mobile client or the backend. With native JSON storage, indexing, and aggregations, developers can query data any way they want. With local reads and writes, MongoDB Mobile lets you build the fastest, most reactive apps.

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