PRESENTATION - April 30, 2015

MongoDB and Spring - Two Leaves of the Same Tree

Enterprise systems evolve at a tremendous pace these days. All sorts of new frameworks, databases, operating systems and multiple deployment strategies and infrastructures to adjust to ever growing business demands.

Spring offers a way to establish sanity in large enterprise complex systems.

MongoDB offers a scalable solution for data manage on a wide range of use cases like BigData, IoT, 360º Degree View among others. So how can we build these systems that require both complexity leverage and scalability?

Over the course of this talk one will learn how:

  • we can use Spring to overcome some of the challenges of data integration (different data models, different data systems)
  • how to leverage and optimize the integration with MongoDB.
  • we will perform a demonstration and code samples of correct implementations
  • explain some mistakes that MongoDB users have done in the past and how to correct them

For the demonstration part we will be using several components of Spring Ecosystem like Spring Data, Spring Batch, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

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