Derivitec Uses MongoDB Cloud Manager and AWS to Process Huge Amounts of Risk and Market Data for the Financial Industry

September 06, 2016

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In the financial industry you need to under the risk facing your portfolio. What happens to your position if the market drops 10%? What happens if rates rise? What happens if Britain leaves the EU?

UK based Derivitec is helping organisations get a complete view of this risk, with a MongoDB powered platform.

In this video George Kaye, CEO at Derivitec, explains how a mixture of MongoDB on Amazon Web Services results in a platform that can calculate complicated analysis quickly and efficiently.

George also goes on to discuss MongoDB Cloud Manager, which gives Derivitec a database administrator facility and helps take away a lot of stress of handling such a large amount of data in the cloud.

You can read more about Derivitec’s data strategy for risk management on our blog.

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