MongoDB and Microsoft have collaborated to bring MongoDB to the Azure cloud.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting, and service management environment for the Azure Services Platform. Microsoft Azure provides developers on-demand compute and storage to create, host and manage scalable and available web applications through Microsoft data centers.
Together, MongoDB and Azure provide customers the tools to build limitlessly scalable applications in the cloud.

Customers can leverage the power of MongoDB on Microsoft Azure in whatever way suits their needs:

MongoDB as a Service on Azure (Beta)

MongoDB offers a fully managed, highly available MongoDB service on Azure running MongoDB Enterprise that includes replication, monitoring, and support. Get started.

MongoDB on Azure Cloud Services

Customers that want to take advantage of the Azure PaaS can easily get MongoDB up and running by deploying the MongoDB Azure wrapper.

MongoDB on Azure Virtual Machines

For those customers that prefer to command and control their own environments, MongoDB is available on Azure Virtual Machines, as well. Customers can use the MongoDB installer for Azure to deploy MongoDB in a Windows environment, or they can follow the step-by-step tutorial for launching MongoDB in a Linux environment.

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