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Alibaba Cloud. Offer Managed MongoDB service on Alibaba Cloud.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides secure, reliable, and elastically scalable database services.
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What is ApsaraDB for MongoDB?
ApsaraDB for MongoDB is fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol and provides stable, reliable, and automatic, scalable database services. It offers a full range of database solutions, including disaster recovery, backup, recovery, monitoring, and alarms.

How does it work with MongoDB?

ApsaraDB for MongoDB is a fully managed cloud database service run by Alibaba and certified by MongoDB, generating native data analytics capabilities.
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Highly available storage engine
With ApsaraDB for MongoDB, you can create multiple replica backups by leveraging the Apsara distributed system and three-member replica set architecture.
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Elastic scaling
Supports clustering to achieve unlimited elastic scaling and data storage, with the ability to increase and decrease a cluster's size without needing downtime.
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Homogeneous and heterogeneous data transmission
Facilitates data transmission between on-premises databases and cloud databases, along with seamless data transmission between clouds for quick analysis.
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Convenient operation and maintenance
Supports visual management and operation and maintenance platforms. Easy to use. Supports actively upgrading to the latest and most reliable version.
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Professional Services
MongoDB open source team has contributed to ApsaraDB for MongoDB. ApsaraDB for MongoDB also provides MongoDB-certified database administrator (DBA) support.

Mobile game scales to 10 million players

Using the AsparaDB for MongoDB service and features, G-bits has reduced the investment in its IT operations, increasing operational efficiency, while supporting an increase in the amount of traffic with its games.

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MongoDB on Alibaba Cloud’s platform has access to the latest MongoDB features and capabilities, with comprehensive support from Alibaba Cloud and MongoDB.
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