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MongoDB, the pioneering document database designed for modern application development, is available as downloadable software, and also as a fully managed database-as-a-service.

If you’re looking to try out MongoDB online for free, sign up for MongoDB Atlas, our cloud database product. It’s simple to get started, accessible from anywhere, and easily scales up to production-grade (with simple, transparent, usage-based pricing).

Whatever you’re building, if you intend for it to grow, you’re in the right place. MongoDB is a new take on the general-purpose database: designed for scale, and easy to work with. To learn more, and even test out the MongoDB command shell online, take a look at the example console embedded in the Introduction to MongoDB, Getting Started page.

There are many ways to run MongoDB online, be it by installing it manually on your own virtual machine, using quick-start clusters on public cloud providers, or by taking advantage of the fully managed Atlas platform.

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MongoDB Online Education

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MongoDB is all-in on online education and thorough documentation. Join the thousands of developers who have learned from our experts with MongoDB online training at MongoDB University.

All MongoDB University classes are completely free. The courses are now all on-demand and self-paced for your convenience. There are assignments, labs, and exams, similar to traditional college classes. For more information, visit our course catalog.

MongoDB has traditionally been known as a primer NoSQL database, but our platform extends well beyond that into an array of products and services designed to make it easier for developers and businesses, to work with data.