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MongoDB for Financial Services

The right data platform provides the speed, agility, and competitive advantage financial services need

Data as a product, Data Mesh, and MACH applied

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Faster, smarter, and more efficient

Financial services companies have been hammered by disruption, from new fintech companies to changing regulations and the entry of tech giants. To create a sustainable competitive advantage, financial services companies must fully commit to digital transformation – liberating data, empowering developers, and embracing disruption. Whether its trading platforms and end-to-end digital loan origination, or AI/ML-driven fraud detection systems and financial 'super apps', MongoDB's developer data platform enables innovation and speed.

How financial services companies build competitive advantage with MongoDB

Core Banking

To stay competitive, your core banking system must adapt and innovate faster than ever to capture more market share or even just to retain existing customers.

Single View

A single view can integrate data across the enterprise, whether to provide a firmwide view of asset and counterparty exposure or a single view of your customer for fraud detection and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze sentiment, price fluctuations, and weather and satellite data to inform your trading algorithms in real time.

Security & Compliance

Built-in security controls as well as a digital framework for compliance allows you to streamline your procedures, carry out digital audits, and link back to key decision points


Respond to changing customer and merchant expectations with the agility enabled both by MongoDB’s JSON document model and flexible schemas.


Integrate data in disparate silos to provide better recommendations and service to customers.

Financial services resources

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Success stories in financial services

Financial institutions around the world are using MongoDB to scale quickly, develop new products, and increase their speed of innovation.

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