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The data platform for modern applications. Power transactional processing, real-time analytics, application search, and mobile & edge data use cases.
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The most flexible way to store data

MongoDB stores data in JSON-like documents, the most flexible way to model data for any use case. Documents map to objects in application code, making data easy to work with.
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Expand beyond columns and tables

MongoDB’s query API allows you to work with data as code to build any type of application faster. Execute CRUD operations, join data from multiple collections of documents, analyze data in place, and more.
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Versatile tooling for all your needs

Easily connect to and work with data from any interface you prefer — extensible CLIs, official GUIs, VS Code, and more. MongoDB’s idiomatic drivers also feel like a natural extension of programming languages your teams use.
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Feature overview

Quickly build and iterate

Adapt to data (and projects) as they change — without costly schema redesigns or cumbersome queries.


Built-in resilience and scale

Ensure high availability with native replication and failover. Easily scale up or out on-demand.


Rich querying and powerful analytics

Discover key insights quickly with fast queries and multi-stage data processing pipelines.


Build once, run anywhere

MongoDB provides a consistent experience across data centers, clouds, containers, and more.

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Build faster and better with MongoDB

Tackle a wide range of use cases and scenarios with MongoDB.
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Time series data in MongoDB

Store and process time series data in order to extract insights, predict future behavior, find and fix anomalies, and more.

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Embedded real-time analytics

Analyze data with MongoDB’s aggregation pipelines, a built-in processing framework that removes the need to ETL data.

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Scale elastically with your user base

Whether it’s your first user or the 10 millionth, MongoDB allows you to build blazingly fast, mission-critical applications. Take advantage of MongoDB’s distributed systems DNA to meet your continuous availability requirements and ensure performance at scale.
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Uptime and scale made easy

Built-in replication and automatic elections

Ensure resilient, highly available applications with data redundancy and automatic failover.


Unlimited horizontal scale

Scale out your database by sharding your data across multiple servers and replica sets.


Multi-cloud database service

Take your data to the multi-cloud — and get the best of all cloud providers and regions.

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