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MongoDB is designed to meet the demands of modern apps with a technology foundation that enables you through:

  • The document data model – presenting you the best way to work with data.

  • A distributed systems design – allowing you to intelligently put data where you want it.

  • A unified experience that gives you the freedom to run anywhere – allowing you to future-proof your work and eliminate vendor lock-in.

With these capabilities, you can build an Intelligent Operational Data Platform, underpinned by MongoDB. Download the Architecture Guide where we dive deeper into the technology foundations of MongoDB.

Best way to work with data

  • Easy: Work with data in a natural, intuitive way

  • Fast: Get great performance without a lot of work

  • Flexible: Adapt and make changes quickly

  • Versatile: Supports a wide variety of data and queries

Put data where you need it

  • Availability: Deliver globally resilient apps through sophisticated replication and self-healing recovery

  • Scalability: Grow horizontally through native sharding

  • Workload Isolation: Run operational and analytical workloads in the same cluster

  • Locality: Place data on specific devices and in specific geographies for governance, class of service, and low-latency access

Freedom to run anywhere

  • Portability: Database that runs the same everywhere

  • Cloud Agnostic: Leverage the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy with no lock-in

  • Global coverage: Available as a service in 50+ regions across the major public cloud providers