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MongoDB for
VS Code

Easily work with MongoDB directly from
within your VS Code environment

MongoDB for VS Code Extension allows you to connect to your MongoDB instance and enables you to interact in a way that fits into your native workflow and development tools. You can navigate and browse your MongoDB databases and collections, and prototype queries and aggregations for use in your applications.

Navigate your MongoDB Data

Connect to a MongoDB or Atlas cluster, navigate through your databases and collections, get a quick overview of your schema and indexes, and see the documents in your collections.

MongoDB Playgrounds

The best way to prototype your CRUD operations and MongoDB commands:

  • Edit and run your playgrounds to see the results immediately
  • MongoDB Syntax Highlighting
  • Intelligent autocomplete for commands, operators and database, collection and field names
  • Stage snippets to create aggregations quickly

Quick Access to the
MongoDB Shell

Launch the MongoDB Shell from the command palette to quickly connect to the same cluster you have active in VS Code.

Automate Atlas configuration
with Terraform

Do you manage your infrastructure with Terraform? With MongoDB for VS Code, you can easily leverage the MongoDB Atlas Terraform Provider via a snippet to set up and configure your Atlas resources.


Ready to get started?

Download the extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace and get
started working with MongoDB from within your VS Code environment.