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Returns information about all available databases. Mongo.getDBs() uses the listDatabases command.

The Mongo.getDBs() method doesn't take any parameters.

To list the available databases and metadata for the local MongoDB instance:


The db.getMongo() method returns the connection to the current MongoDB instance. The Mongo.getDBs() output resembles:

databases: [
{ name: 'admin', sizeOnDisk: Long("225280"), empty: false },
{ name: 'config', sizeOnDisk: Long("212992"), empty: false },
{ name: 'local', sizeOnDisk: Long("2400256"), empty: false },
{ name: 'test', sizeOnDisk: Long("303104"), empty: false }
totalSize: Long("3141632"),
totalSizeMb: Long("2"),
ok: 1,
'$clusterTime': {
clusterTime: Timestamp({ t: 1640186473, i: 1 }),
signature: {
hash: Binary(Buffer.from("0000000000000000000000000000000000000000", "hex"), 0),
keyId: Long("0")
operationTime: Timestamp({ t: 1640186473, i: 1 })

The databases are listed in the highlighted lines.

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