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Release Notes for MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli)

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  • MongoDB CLI 2.0.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.31.3
  • MongoDB CLI 1.31.2
  • MongoDB CLI 1.31.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.31.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.30.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.29.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.28.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.28.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.27.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.26.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.26.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.25.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.24.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.24.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.23.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.23.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.22.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.21.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.20.4
  • MongoDB CLI 1.20.3
  • MongoDB CLI 1.20.2
  • MongoDB CLI 1.20.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.20.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.19.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.18.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.17.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.17.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.16.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.15.3
  • MongoDB CLI 1.15.2
  • MongoDB CLI 1.15.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.14.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.13.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.12.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.11.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.10.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.9.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.8.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.7.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.6.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.5.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.4.1
  • MongoDB CLI 1.4.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.3.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.2.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.1.0
  • MongoDB CLI 1.0.0
  • MongoDB CLI 0.0.3

Released 2024-03-14

  • Fully deprecates atlas commands from MongoDB CLI.


    As of MongoDB CLI version 2.0, mongocli atlas commands are unsupported. Migrate to the Atlas CLI to enjoy the same capabilities and the latest features.

  • Removes the following MongoDB CLI commands:

    • mongocli cloud-manager performanceAdvisor slowOperationThreshold disable

    • mongocli cloud-manager performanceAdvisor slowOperationThreshold enable

    • mongocli cloud-manager performanceAdvisor slowOperationThreshold

    • mongocli ops-manager performanceAdvisor slowOperationThreshold disable

    • mongocli ops-manager performanceAdvisor slowOperationThreshold enable

    • mongocli ops-manager performanceAdvisor slowOperationThreshold

  • Removes the following flags:

    • --cm and --gov for mongocli auth login

    • currentIp for mongocli iam organizations apiKeys accessLists create

    • --govCloudRegionsOnly for mongocli iam projects create

  • Removes the cloud and cloud-gov options for the mongocli config --service flag.

  • Fixes a bug that prevented you from using the --file flag with the mongocli cloud-manager clusters update and mongocli ops-manager clusters update commands.

Released 2024-02-08

  • Fixes a bug in the release process.

Released 2024-02-08

Released 2024-01-31

  • Removes Atlas command documentation.

  • Drops support for Ubuntu 18.04.

  • Drops support for Ops Manager 5.0.

  • Improves the validation of invalid profile names.

  • Adds Debian 12 builds and ARM builds for Debian 10 and 11.

Released 2023-08-10

  • Fixes an issue where listing clusters results in an error if you explicitly select the no output format.

  • Fixes an issue when you delete a Cloud Manager cluster configured with multiple mongos.

  • Fixes an issue with sharded clusters not showing all available mongos.

  • Updates the help text for some update commands to clarify that certain flags replace data instead of appending data.

Released 2023-05-25

  • Fixes an issue when processing sharding configurations.

  • Improves input validation when describing Cloud Manager or Ops Manager clusters.

Released 2023-03-15

  • Improves autocomplete for output options.

  • Adds the ability to autocomplete available profiles.

  • Adds the ability to trigger an initial sync for a process.

  • mongocli iam organizations apiKeys accessLists create adds an option to auto-detect the caller's current IP address.

  • Fixes a bug where the defaultRW setting for clusters was improperly set.

  • Fixes an error where JSONPath didn't render as valid JSON.

Released 2023-02-16

  • Improves help text and documentation for multiple commands.

Released 2023-02-09

  • Fixes a bug where the DefaultRWConcern cluster setting was not properly set.

  • Updates the mongocli config describe command to no longer redact public API keys.

  • Deprecates the atlas-integrations-create-NEW_RELIC command.

  • Adds support for cluster termination protection.

    • To enable cluster termination protection, run mongocli-atlas-clusters-create or mongocli-atlas-clusters-update with the --enableTerminationProtection option.

    • To disable cluster termination protection, run mongocli-atlas-clusters-update with the --disableTerminationProtection option.

  • Improves help text and documentation for multiple commands.

Released 2022-10-20

  • Adds the atlas-processes-describe command.

  • Adds the command mongocli config edit to open your configuration file in your preferred editor.

  • Adds the ability to download an unredacted Ops Manager usage report with mongocli ops-manager serverUsage download.

  • Improves help text for the atlas-backups-snapshots-create command.

  • Adds support for Debian 11.

  • Removes support for Debian 9.

  • ARM binaries are now available to install via apt, yum and dnf.

  • Fixes a bug where MongoDB CLI would not store login information when exiting setup early.

  • Fixes a pagination bug for server usage commands.

  • Fixes a user invitation bug.

Released 2022-08-18

Released 2022-08-18

  • Removes support for Ops Manager 4.4.

  • Updates the help message for roles when using the atlas-dbusers-create command.

  • Fixes a bug that prevented option validation when using the atlas-backups-restores-start command.

  • Fixes a bug that returned the wrong link for upgrading MongoDB CLI.

Released 2022-04-28

Released 2022-04-01

  • Adds small improvements to MongoDB CLI documentation.

Released 2022-03-31

  • Deprecates mongocli atlas commands. There's a new, dedicated CLI available for Atlas users. Migrate to the Atlas CLI to enjoy the same capabilities and the latest features. You can use mongocli atlas commands until April 30, 2023.

  • Deprecates the mongocli.toml configuration file and replaces it with a new file, config.toml. The MongoDB CLI stores config.toml in the mongocli folder within the default root directory.

  • Adds the ability to update controlled features using a file.

  • Updates the mongocli config command to use different service aliases. Run mongocli config --help to see all available aliases.

  • Adds improvements to the MongoDB CLI login experience.

  • Updates the error message that the MongoDB CLI shows when credentials are missing.

  • Improves command time duration, especially when a new release version is available.

Released 2022-03-08

Released 2022-02-28

  • Ops Manager: Fixes a bug with the serialization of the version manifest.

  • Atlas: Makes API keys optional and allows you to use mongocli auth login to authenticate to Atlas.

Released 2022-02-03

  • Ops Manager: Fixes an issue when parsing the automation config under certain conditions.

  • Atlas: Adds support for a --currentIp flag to the mongocli-atlas-accessLists command with ipAddress type.

  • Ops Manager and Cloud Manager: Adds pagination support to listing agents

  • Improves flag validation for metrics commands.

  • Atlas: Adds support for Private Link for Data Lake and Online Archive.

  • Atlas: Adds support for Google Private Service Connect.

  • Updates the mongocli iam projects create command to support creating a project with no default alerts configured.

Released 2021-12-02

  • Improves pipe input for commands that expect a password as an input.

  • Improves the mongocli-atlas-quickstart command by adding a confirmation step before making the requested changes in Atlas.

Released 2021-10-21

Released 2021-09-30

  • Fixes internal tooling.

Released 2021-09-29

  • Adds a new confirmation step for the mongocli-atlas-quickstart command. When you use the mongocli-atlas-quickstart command, a confirmation step now occurs before MongoDB CLI makes all the changes in Atlas.

Released 2021-09-17

  • Fixes a bug that causes the command to fail and return an error when there are no profiles set in the configuration file.

Released 2021-09-16

  • Adds support for creating Atlas M0 cluster using the mongocli-atlas-quickstart and mongocli-atlas-clusters-create commands.

  • Adds support for creating serverless Atlas clusters.

  • Adds support for downloading Atlas access logs.

  • Adds support for enabling Atlas management of the slow operation threshold for your cluster.

  • Validates the feature compatibility level against Ops Manager versions.

  • Adds support for cloud data migrations.

  • Displays a message when a new version is available, which you can disable by running mongocli config set skip_update_check true.

  • Includes small improvements to the mongocli-atlas-quickstart command.

Released 2021-07-13

  • Adds the ability to start, stop, and restart a single cluster node in Ops Manager.

  • Adds the ability to reclaim free space for a cluster in Ops Manager.

Released 2021-07-08


Breaking Changes

The file format for creating Atlas clusters with a JSON file has changed to support Advanced Clusters. You can specify a cluster configuration file with the --file flag in the mongocli-atlas-clusters-create and mongocli-atlas-clusters-update commands.

  • Adds support for invitation management for organizations and projects in Atlas.

  • Adds support for Advanced Clusters through files (--file filename.json) in Atlas.

  • Adds the --default flag to mongocli-atlas-quickstart to run the command with auto-generated values.

  • Adds initial beta support for MongoDB Atlas for Government.

  • Fixes a bug that prevented users from running mongocli iam users invite.

  • Fixes MongoDB CLI deb and rpm packaging.

  • Improves the mongocli-atlas-quickstart command by updating the interactive mode prompts.

Released 2021-06-30

  • Fixes an issue that caused any change to automation config to invalidate the encryption of the PEM file used by the Automation Agent.

Released 2021-06-18

  • Adds the ability to select a default output when using mongocli config.

  • Reenables the MongoDB CLI atlas onlineArchive start command.

  • Fixes a bug where the MongoDB Agent API key would not display during Cloud Manager or Ops Manager project creation.

Released 2021-05-27

  • Adds support for SecondaryDelaySecs as a mongo process option in Cloud Manager and Ops Manager.

  • It is now possible to define UserToDNMapping when creating database users that use LDAP authentication.

  • Adds support for specifying a cluster tier when configuring a cluster with the quick start command. The default cluster tier is M2.

  • Fixes the default authentication database for the LDAP GROUP type when creating database users.

  • Database users created with the quick start command now have their passwords validated for increased security.

  • Discontinues support for Ubuntu 16.04, which has reached end of life.

Released 2021-04-22

  • Improves the mongocli-atlas-quickstart command.

Released 2021-04-20

  • Fixes the generated installers for Red Hat (rpm) and debian (deb) packages.

Released 2021-04-15

  • Adds support for Apple ARM processors.

  • Adds support for MCLI_PROFILE environment variable.

  • Adds support for loading sample data into an Atlas cluster.

  • Adds support for loading sample data into an Atlas cluster with quick start.

  • Adds support for GCP regions during the creation of a network peering connection in Atlas.

  • Adds support for oplogSizeMB and enableMajorityReadConcern in the cluster configuration file for Cloud Manager and Ops Manager.

Released 2021-04-01

  • Adds the new command mongocli-atlas-quickstart for deploying and configuring an Atlas cluster.

  • Adds support for the following features in Cloud Manager and Ops Manager:

    • Disable monitoring agent

    • Disable backup agent

  • Adds support for the MongoDB Shell.

  • Fixes the following in Cloud Manager and Ops Manager:

    • Fixes a bug when only auditLogDestination is set in the automation configuration.

    • Fixes a bug when updating security or setParameters in the automation configuration.

  • Fixes a bug when deleting a private endpoint interface on Atlas.

  • Improves error messages for missing credentials.

Released 2021-02-25

  • Adds an option to enable the BI Connector when you deploy Atlas clusters using the mongocli-atlas-clusters-create command.

  • Adds support for mongosqld logs.

Released 2021-02-05

  • Adds support for setParam setting when deploying clusters in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

  • Adds support for for Atlas database users role scoped to a collection.

  • Improves command speed on environments with limited internet access.

Released 2021-01-28

  • Adds support for cloud provider access roles in Atlas.

  • Adds support for scoped database users in Atlas.

  • Adds support for custom database roles in Atlas.

  • Adds support for Azure Private Link connections in Atlas.

  • Adds support for creating Atlas Data Lakes using cloud provider roles.

  • Adds support for json-path output.

  • Fixes an error when fetching feature control policies for a project where no policies have been enabled.

Released 2020-12-17

  • Adds support to advanced storage and log configurations when deploying clusters for Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

  • Fixes an issue when trying to download logs and no output file is provided.

Released 2020-11-27

  • Adds support for fully removing a cluster from Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

  • Fixes an issue where the feature compatibility was not properly set when reusing the output of cluster describe for Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

  • Fixes an issue where some process settings were not kept when updating a cluster in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

  • Removes the deprecrated unique and background index options from the rolling index commands.

  • Displays example usage if you run a command with incorrect parameters.

Released 2020-10-22

  • Adds support for the following features in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager:

    • Stop monitoring hosts.

    • Manage snapshot schedules.

    • List software component versions.

    • Manage feature control policies.

  • Adds support for the following features in Ops Manager:

    • Manage filesystem backup configurations.

    • Manage S3 backup configurations.

    • Manage oplog backup configurations.

    • Manage server usage.

  • Fixes an issue when trying to invite users for Cloud Manager.

Released 2020-10-08

  • Adds support for updating the Ops Manager version manifest.

  • Adds support for managing Ops Manager and Cloud Manager backup configurations.

  • Adds support for managing Ops Manager backup blockstores.

  • Fixes the Homebrew installation for Linux systems.

  • When inviting a user and the --password option is not set, MongoDB CLI prompts for a password via standard input.

  • When downloading logs, allows overwriting the destination file using the --force option.

  • Deprecates whitelist commands in favor of accessLists.

Released 2020-09-24

  • Adds support for Atlas LDAP configurations.

  • Adds support for Atlas, Ops Manager and Cloud Manager performance advisors.

  • Adds support for Atlas custom DNS.

  • Adds support for enabling monitoring and backup modules in Ops Manager and Cloud Manager.

  • Improves Atlas cluster creation via JSON file.

Released 2020-09-10

Adds support for managing:

  • Atlas, Ops Manager, and Cloud Manager users and teams.

  • Atlas third party integrations.

  • Atlas, Ops Manager, and Cloud Manager maintenance windows.

  • Fixes the default output when creating an Atlas-managed certificate for database users.

Released 2020-08-27

  • Adds support for Atlas networking options.

  • Adds support for Ops Manager global API keys.

  • Adds support for database metrics.

Released 2020-08-13

MongoDB CLI now displays simplified command output. To revert to the previous behavior of displaying command output as JSON, either:

  • Run commands with the --output json option, or

  • Set JSON as the default command output by running the following command:

    {{ mongocli config set output json }}
  • Adds support for programmatic API keys.

  • Adds support for Cloud Manager or Ops Manager agent API keys.

  • Adds support for private endpoints.

  • The response you receive when you create Cloud Manager or Ops Manager projects now includes a generated Agent API key.

Released 2020-07-30

  • Adds support for Atlas Search.

  • Adds support for X.509 configurations in Atlas.

  • Adds support for X.509 database users in Atlas.

  • Adds support for AWS IAM database users in Atlas.

  • Improves advanced cluster configurations in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

  • When creating a project in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager, returns MongoDB Agent API keys.

Released 2020-07-16

  • Adds support for Atlas Online Archive.

  • Adds support for Atlas Data Lake.

  • Fixes a bug where mongocli config rename did not find the profile to rename.

  • Improves updating and listing clusters in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

Released 2020-07-09

  • mongocli config list

  • mongocli config describe

  • mongocli config rename

With this release, you can:

  • Create access list entries in Atlas that expire at the date and time you provide.

  • Create sharded clusters in Atlas using command-line options.

  • Create sharded clusters in Ops Manager using a configuration file.

Released 2020-06-08

Generally Available Release

This is the Generally Available (GA) release of MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli). This version introduces the ability to manage Atlas, Ops Manager and Cloud Manager features, including:

  • Projects

  • Clusters

  • Backup

  • Alerts

  • Metrics and monitoring

For a complete list of available commands, see mongocli.

To install this version, see Install or Update the MongoDB CLI.

Released 2020-02-27

Initial Alpha Release

  • Atlas commands

    • Can deploy projects, clusters, database users, and whitelists through the command line.

  • Cloud Manager and Ops Manager commands

    • Can deploy projects and clusters through the command line.




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