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Connect to a MongoDB Database Resource from Outside Kubernetes

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The following procedure describes how to connect to a MongoDB resource deployed in Kubernetes from outside of the Kubernetes cluster.

For your databases to be accessed outside of Kubernetes, they must run MongoDB 4.2.3 or later.

If you create custom services that require external access to MongoDB custom resources deployed by the Kubernetes Operator and use readiness probes in Kubernetes, set the publishNotReadyAddresses setting in Kubernetes to true.

The publishNotReadyAddresses setting indicates that an agent that interacts with endpoints for this service should disregard the service's ready state. Setting publishNotReadyAddresses to true overrides the behavior of the readiness probe configured for the Pod hosting your service.

By default, the publishNotReadyAddresses setting is set to false. In this case, when the Pods that host the MongoDB custom resources in the Kubernetes Operator lose connectivity to Cloud Manager or Ops Manager, the readiness probes configured for these Pods fail. However, when you set the publishNotReadyAddresses setting to true:

  • Kubernetes does not shut down the service whose readiness probe fails.

  • Kubernetes considers all endpoints as ready even if the probes for the Pods hosting the services for these endpoints indicate that they aren't ready.

  • MongoDB custom resources are still available for read and write operations.


See also:

The following procedure walks you through the process of configuring external connectivity for your deployment by using the built-in configuration options in the Kubernetes Operator.

How you connect to a MongoDB resource that the Kubernetes Operator deployed from outside of the Kubernetes cluster depends on the resource.

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