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MongoDB Kafka Connector

Source Connector Configuration Properties

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In this section, you can read descriptions of MongoDB Kafka source connector properties, including essential Confluent Kafka Connect settings and connector-specific settings.

For an example source connector configuration file, see

For source connector performance recommendations, see Tuning the Source Connector.

See the following categories for a list of related configuration properties:

MongoDB Connection Properties
Specify how to connect to your MongoDB cluster.
Specify which topics to publish change stream data.
Specify your change stream pipelines and cursor settings.
Specify the format of the data the connector publishes to your Kafka topic.
Specify what data the connector should convert to Change Stream events.
Specify how the connector handles errors and resumes reading after an interruption.
View all preceding categories of configuration properties on one page.

See the Confluent Source Connector configuration documentation for more information on these settings.

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