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Update a Document

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You can update a single document using the UpdateOne() method on a MongoCollection object. This method requires a query filter, which specifies which document to update, and an update statement, which specifies the changes the driver should make to the first document matching the query filter.


The UpdateOne() method updates only the first document that matches the filter. To update more than one document, use the UpdateMany() method.


You can pass an instance of UpdateOptions to the UpdateOne() method in order to customize its behavior.

The following example uses Builders to update the name of the first document named "Bagels N Buns" in the restaurants collection to "2 Bagels 2 Buns".

Select the Asynchronous or Synchronous tab to see the corresponding code.

After running either of the preceding full examples, each call to UpdateOne() writes the following to the console:

Updated documents: 1


UpdateOne() returns an UpdateResult object.

To learn more about updating documents, see the Modify Documents guide.

To learn more about using builders, see Operations with Builders.

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