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Geospatial Data

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  • Geospatial Data

If a collection contains a 2d or 2dsphere geospatial index, BI Connector maps the indexed field into an array of numeric longitude-latitude coordinates.

Given the following collection:

db.points.createIndex( { pos : "2dsphere" } )
pos : { type: "Point", coordinates: [ -73.97, 40.77 ] },
name: "Central Park",
category : "Parks"

BI Connector generates the following schema:

- db: test
- table: points
collection: points
pipeline: []
- Name: _id
MongoType: bson.ObjectId
SqlName: _id
SqlType: varchar
- Name: category
MongoType: string
SqlName: category
SqlType: varchar
- Name: name
MongoType: string
SqlName: name
SqlType: varchar
- Name: pos.coordinates
MongoType: geo.2darray
SqlName: pos.coordinates
SqlType: numeric[]


BI Connector does not recognize geospatial fields when reading from a view.

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