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Introducing PSC Interconnect and Global Access for MongoDB Atlas

Stanimira Vlaeva, Venkatesh ShanbhagPublished May 05, 2023 • Updated Jun 13, 2023
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In an era of widespread digitalization, businesses operating in critical sectors such as healthcare, banking and finance, and government face an ever-increasing threat of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Ensuring the security of data is no longer just a matter of compliance but has become a top priority for businesses to safeguard their reputation, customer trust, and financial stability. However, maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive data while still enabling seamless access to services within a virtual private cloud (VPC) is a complex challenge that requires a robust solution. That’s where MongoDB’s Private Service Connect (PSC) on Google Cloud comes in. As a cloud networking solution, it provides secure access to services within a VPC using private IP addresses. PSC is also a powerful tool to protect businesses from the ever-evolving threat landscape of data security.

What is PSC (Private Service Connect)?

PSC simplifies how services are being securely and privately consumed. It allows easy implementation of private endpoints for the service consumers to connect privately to service producers across organizations and eliminates the need for virtual private cloud peering. The effort needed to set up private connectivity between MongoDB and Google consumer project is reduced with the PSC.
MongoDB announced the support for Google Cloud Private Service Connect (PSC) in November 2021. PSC was added as a new option to access MongoDB securely from Google Cloud without exposing the customer traffic to the public internet. With PSC, customers will be able to achieve one-way communication with MongoDB. In this article, we are going to introduce the new features of PSC and MongoDB integration.

PSC Interconnect support

Connecting MongoDB from the on-prem machines is made easy using PSC Interconnect support. PSC Interconnect allows traffic from on-prem devices to reach PSC endpoints in the same region as the Interconnect. This is also a transparent update with no API changes.
There are no additional actions required by the customer to start using their Interconnect with PSC. Once Interconnect support has been rolled out to the customer project, then traffic from the Interconnect will be able to reach PSC endpoints and in turn access the data from MongoDB using service attachments.

Google Cloud multi-region support

Private Service Connect now provides multi-region support for MongoDB Atlas clusters, enabling customers to connect to MongoDB instances in different regions securely. With this feature, customers can ensure high availability even in case of a regional failover. To achieve this, customers need to set up the service attachments in all the regions that the cluster will have its nodes on. Each of these service attachments are in turn connected to Google Cloud service endpoints.
A connection made from us-east1 will be able to connect to region us-west1 in case of the primary failover from region us-east1 to us-west1.

MongoDB multi-cloud support

Customers who have their deployment on multiple regions spread across multiple clouds can now utilize MongoDB PSC to connect to the Google Cloud nodes in their deployment. The additional requirement is to set up the private link for the other nodes to make sure that the connection could be made to the other nodes from their respective cloud targets.


In conclusion, Private Service Connect has come a long way from its initial release. Now, PSC on MongoDB supports connection from on-prem using Interconnect and also connects to multiple regions across MongoDB clusters spread across Google Cloud regions or multi-cloud clusters securely using Global access.
  1. Learn how to set up PSC multi region for MongoDB Atlas with codelabs tutorials.
  2. You can subscribe to MongoDB Atlas using Google Cloud Marketplace.
  3. You can sign up for MongoDB using the registration page.
  4. Learn more about Private Service Connect.

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