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Joe Karlsson

Senior Developer Advocate - Minneapolis, MN

Joe Karlsson is a software engineer turned Developer Advocate at MongoDB. He comes from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota (and yes, it does get really cold here, and no, not everyone here has the accent from the movie, Fargo). Joe has been primarily a Node and JavaScript engineer. He has been writing, teaching, and talking about code his entire career. Sharing what he knows and continuing to learn about programming is truly the thing he loves doing the most. Joe is the co-creator of open source software, including, a web app that tells you if a movie script passes the Bechdel Test or not. In his free time, he is usually drinking Gin and Tonics, eating at a new restaurant, or tinkering on a new art project or open source project. * My Website - * Twitter - * LinkedIn - * Instagram - * GitHub - * TikTok - * YouTube - * Twitch -

Articles by Joe Karlsson


How to Use Custom Archival Rules and Partitioning on MongoDB Atlas Online Archive

So you've set up a simple MongoDB Atlas Online Archive, and now you might be wondering, "What's next?" In this post, we will cover some more advanced Online Archive use cases, including setting up custom archival rules and how to improve query performance through partitioning.


How to Automate Continuous Data Copying from MongoDB to S3

Learn how to set up a continuous copy from MongoDB into an AWS S3 bucket in Parquet.


How to Manage Data at Scale With MongoDB Atlas Online Archive

Learn how to efficiently manage your data at scale by leveraging MongoDB Atlas Online Archive.


How to Query from Multiple MongoDB Databases Using MongoDB Atlas Data Lake

Learn how to query from multiple MongoDB databases using MongoDB Atlas Data Lake.


How to Seed a MongoDB Database with Fake Data

Learn how to seed a MongoDB database with fake data.


MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Queries vs SQL Queries

This is an overview of common SQL aggregation terms, functions, and concepts and the corresponding MongoDB aggregation operators.


How to use MongoDB Client-Side Field Level Encryption (CSFLE) with Node.js

Learn how to encrypt document fields client-side in Node.js with MongoDB client-side field level encryption (CSFLE).


How to work with Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Data in MongoDB Atlas

Making the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Data open and accessible to all with MongoDB


MongoDB Schema Design Best Practices

Have you ever wondered, "How do I model a MongoDB database schema for my application?" This post answers all your questions!


An Introduction to IoT (Internet of Toilets)

Learn all about developing IoT projects using JS and MongoDB by building an smart toilet for your cat! Click here for more!


How To Use The MongoDB Visual Studio Code Plugin

Learn how to connect to MongoDB from VS Code! Navigate your databases, use playgrounds to prototype queries and aggregations, and more!


A Gentle Introduction to Linked Lists With MongoDB

Want to learn about one of the most important data structures in Computer Science, the Linked List, implemented with a MongoDB twist? Click here for more!

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