MongoDB 3.2 Upgrade Services

MongoDB 3.2 is a giant leap forward that helps organizations standardize on a single, modern database for their new, mission-critical applications. How can you take advantage of all of the benefits of MongoDB 3.2? It can be hard to know where to start with features like two new storage engines offering in-memory performance and encryption at rest, document validation, fast failover, the BI Connector, schema visualization with MongoDB Compass, dynamic lookups, and more.

We can help. MongoDB’s consulting engineers can come on-site to meet with your teams and deliver a training on the new features and capabilities in MongoDB 3.2, tailoring the discussion to your specific needs and interests. We can also develop a customized plan to upgrade your deployment to 3.2, make recommendations for how your application(s) can take advantage of new features, and execute the upgrade in a testing environment to check for issues.

Want to know more? Leave us your info and we’ll have a MongoDB services specialist contact you.