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Marketing Activities and Claim Documentation Requirements

How do I get event approval and expense reimbursement?

  • Step 1: Partner to get approval on the type of event at least 15 days prior to the event. MongoDB will provide an approval / rejection as soon as possible. *Submit here.
  • Step 2: Partner will submit all claims (including receipts) within 30 days of event date via online submission portal. *Submit here.
  • Step 3: MongoDB to reimburse partner within 60 days of claim receipt.
  • *email with questions.

What are the guidelines around what kind of events are covered by the MDF?

  • Approved events include: print and digital periodicals, bill boards, TV, technology and industry conferences, webinars, targeted hospitality events like Lunch and Learns or Breakfasts. Other events may be approved on a case by case basis.
  • MongoDB, Inc. will cover up to 50% of the cost of an approved event.
  • MDF can be used on more than one event until MDF amount is fully used.
  • Approved event must be completed within the 1 year term of the contract. Funds expire 1 year from date of contract signing.
  • All joint marketing should prominently show MongoDB logo and product and/or services. All marketing should adhere to the MongoDB branding and trademark guidelines.
  • Partner to share all leads from event with MongoDB including: Name, Company, Title, Address, Email, Phone.
  • MDF can cover up to 100% of MongoDB events (, MongoDB Days, MongoDB World, MongoDB Roadshows, etc.), with pre-approval.
  • Other Guidelines:
    • Cannot be used on T&E expenses for associated event such as transportation, accommodations, meals, or telephone charges incurred by MDF participants.
    • Cannot be used by reseller partners to discount any MongoDB SKU.
    • Cannot be used in any marketing that also promotes MongoDB competitors.
    • Cannot be used for capital expenses or the normal cost of doing business.

Claim Submission Details:

  • Claims cannot be submitted until the proposed marketing activity has been completed. Claims must include supporting documentation to substantiate that the MDF participant paid for the activity and that the activity was executed and completed.
  • If a claim is deemed invalid and denied, the MDF participant will be notified by MongoDB. Rejected claims must be substantiated by the MDF participant within two weeks from the time of the notification for re-consideration.
  • MongoDB will not reimburse any supplier or vendor directly for costs incurred by a MDF participant.