10gen Partners with Red Hat to Distribute MongoDB

Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld 2011

Redwood Shores, Calif.– Today 10gen announced that Red Hat will distribute a MongoDB cartridge as part of its OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, launched today at the Red Hat Summit in Boston.

MongoDB is an open source database, combining scalability, performance and ease of use, with traditional relational database features such as dynamic queries and indexes. It has become the leading NoSQL database choice, with downloads exceeding 100,000 per month. Thousands of Fortune 500 enterprises and leading Web 2.0 companies are developing innovative large-scale applications and performing real-time “Big Data” analytics with MongoDB.

OpenShift is a PaaS platform for developers who build on open source. It redefines the PaaS market by providing a new level of choice in languages, frameworks and clouds for developers to build, test, run and manage their applications.

“Given MongoDB’s growing popularity in the developer community, we saw value in including MongoDB as an OpenShift partner,” said Sarangan Rangachari, senior director, Cloud Ecosystem at Red Hat. “Including MongoDB in our PaaS offering demonstrates that we are responding to the developers’ needs for flexible and scalable data storage. We look forward to working closely with 10gen as we distribute MongoDB through OpenShift.”

“Red Hat OpenShift enables developers to focus on building applications, and dramatically reduces the upfront costs of deploying and scaling these new applications,” said Roger Bodamer, executive vice president of products and technology at 10gen. “The MongoDB NoSQL database is well-matched to the scalability and agility that developers demand in the cloud, and by supporting MongoDB in OpenShift, Red Hat has delivered that in an enterprise-ready open source platform."

To learn more about Red Hat OpenShift, visit http://openshift.redhat.com/app/.