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Behind every AI-powered app are data and developers
A new era of AI-powered applications is here. But as with all previous eras of tech, developers and data are integral to building enriched customer experiences.

MongoDB empowers developers to build incredible AI applications with unified data on our industry-leading developer data platform.
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How we support developers building AI-powered apps


An Industry-Leading Platform

To unify operational and vector data


A Large AI Ecosystem

To connect with major models, frameworks, and partners


Multi-Cloud Flexibility

To build on any cloud without risk of lock-in

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MongoDB Atlas Vector Search Voted “The Most Loved Vector Database”

In Retool's 'State of AI’ report, MongoDB Atlas Vector Search once again received the highest net promoter score (NPS) and was named the second most widely used vector database by the over 700 data professionals, tech leaders, and developers surveyed.

What the world sees.
What developers see.

MongoDB makes building AI-powered apps easier and less complex by unifying data in a single platform. These use cases show how.
AI-driven customer service illustration
AI-driven customer service
Delivering exceptional AI-driven customer service that feels unique and conversational is no longer optional.

See how developers can build conversational AI experiences that feel more chat and less bot.
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AI-backed cybersecurity risk assessment illustration.
AI-backed cybersecurity risk assessment
Ensuring that complex business-to-business transactions adequately protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of trusted information is critical for organizations of every size.

See how developers can deliver reliable risk assessments at any scale using AI.
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AI-powered patient care illustration.
AI-powered patient care
Delivering patient-focused AI solutions in minutes—instead of weeks or months—is redefining what’s possible in healthcare.

Learn how developers are playing a critical role in building applications to make sure patients get the accurate and precise care they need, when they need it.
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More ways MongoDB supports developers building with AI
AI Innovators Program illustration

AI Innovators Program

MongoDB's support for AI innovation and startups is open to a wide range of business sizes and models through different tracks.

MongoDB AI Applications Program illustration.

MongoDB AI Applications Program (MAAP)

MAAP provides organizations an integrated end-to-end technology stack to rapidly build and deploy applications enriched with generative AI technology.

U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium illustration

U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC)

MongoDB is a founding member of the U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC), which works to create safe and trustworthy AI.

Built by developers,
for developers

Built by developers, for developers illustration.
In 2007, MongoDB was born out of the realization that developers needed a natural way to work with data. Enter the document model, which maps to how developers think and code.

Since then, MongoDB has continuously evolved to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern applications, including those using AI.

MongoDB's unified developer data platform integrates our highly secure, globally distributed operational database with full-text search, vector search, in-app analytics, stream processing, and the ability to run applications anywhere. MongoDB is built for the modern applications of today and tomorrow.
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Champion the voice of developers

They’re not just coders. Developers are strategists. They’re problem-solvers. They’re community members. See how developers are using MongoDB to build groundbreaking applications that are shaping the future.
Margarita Geleta image.

Margarita Geleta

Computer Science PhD
Researcher at BAIR/Stanford
and MongoDB Hackathon Winner

“Using MongoDB, I built a semantic search engine to democratize observability data, allowing non-technical experts to make custom natural language queries for quickly extracting new insights from log files.”

Fernando Bombassaro image.

Fernando Bombassaro

Entrepreneur at XPRO
and MongoDB Hackathon Participant

“MongoDB Vector Search revolutionized how I query data, allowing for searches based on similarity, which greatly enhanced my applications.”

Arek Borucki image.

Arek Borucki

Principal SRE Engineer,
Database Engineer, Beamery
and MongoDB Community Champion

“The efficiency of storing vector embeddings directly next to the source data in MongoDB both simplifies the data architecture and speeds up development and querying.”

Dani Monteiro image.

Dani Monteiro

Founder and Head of Data and AI at Seu ChatGPT
and MongoDB Community Creator

“I’ve used MongoDB in various AI projects, especially those focused on natural language processing and recommendation systems. Its flexibility was ideal for handling large volumes of unstructured data.“

Brandon Max image.

Brandon Max

Chief Technology Officer, Pursuit

“At Pursuit, we make it easy to work with governments, using AI to streamline the entire contract lifecycle. We've integrated MongoDB into our products. It's been super helpful to allow us to create minimum viable products (MVPs) and prototype new ideas.”

Develop your AI future on MongoDB

Build AI-powered applications with a multi-cloud developer data platform that consolidates operational, analytical, and vector data through a unified data model and query API, while allowing you the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with your preferred frameworks and LLMs.
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