MongoDB Company Profile

Company Name

MongoDB, Inc.


Delaware (US)

Office Locations

New York, New York (US Headquarters)
Atlanta, Georgia
Austin, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Los Angeles, California
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Palo Alto, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
San Francisco, California
Seattle, Washington
Washington, DC
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Beijing, China
Dublin, Ireland (International Headquarters)
Frankfurt, Germany
Gurgaon, India
Hong Kong, China
London, England
Melbourne, Australia
Mexico City, Mexico
Milan, Italy
New Delhi, India
Paris, France
Sydney, Australia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Toronto, Canada

Company Overview

MongoDB is the leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build. Headquartered in New York, MongoDB has more than 15,000 customers over 100 countries. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded over 60 million times and there have been more than one million MongoDB University registrations.

Technology Overview

The unique MongoDB architecture combines the best of both relational and non-relational databases, addressing the needs of organizations for performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability while maintaining the strengths of legacy databases.

Technology Differentiators

JSON-based, document data model with dynamic schemas while still preserving the functionality of relational databases, like secondary indexes, a full query language and aggregations. Extensive driver support. Horizontal scaling enabled by auto-sharding. Enterprise-grade high availability through automated replication. Flexible storage architecture with pluggable storage engines. Faster time to market and lower TCO through increased developer productivity and commodity hardware deployments.


MongoDB Enterprise Advanced - MongoDB’s primary subscription package, MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, includes a commercial license to our platform and the following:

MongoDB Enterprise Database Server - Stores, organizes and processes data and facilitates access and changes to the data. It includes advanced security features, auditing functionality and enterprise-standard authentication and authorization. MongoDB Enterprise Database Server also includes encrypted and in-memory storage engines to enable a wide range of workloads.

Enterprise Management Capabilities - MongoDB provides Cloud Manager Premium and Ops Manager, a sophisticated suite of management tools that allows operations teams to run, manage and configure MongoDB according to their needs. This includes the ability to monitor and alert on over 100 system metrics, to back up data and restore it to any point in time for disaster recovery, and to automate common operational tasks such as upgrades, scaling and configuration changes. MongoDB Enterprise Advanced customers can choose either our Cloud Manager Premium product (for customers who want to manage our platform via the cloud) or Ops Manager (generally for those with on-premise deployments).

MongoDB Compass - A graphical user interface product to help developers and database administrators work with the database visually and to provide a familiar experience for those accustomed to relational databases.

Analytics Integrations - For integration with business intelligence products like Tableau, analysts can use the MongoDB Connector for BI. MongoDB also provides open source connectors for Spark and Hadoop, which are often used for data warehouse analysis.

Technical Support - As part of the subscription service, MongoDB provides customers with 24/7/365 technical support with an enterprise-grade service level agreement.

MongoDB Atlas - Database as a Service offering which MongoDB runs and manages in the public cloud as a hosted offering for customers. MongoDB Atlas is based on Community Server and provides customers with an elastic, managed offering that includes automated provisioning and healing, comprehensive system monitoring, managed backup and restore, default security and other features that reduce operational complexity and increase [database] resiliency. MongoDB Atlas allows customers to remove themselves from the complexity of managing the database and related underlying infrastructure, so they can instead focus on the application and end-user experience. MongoDB Atlas supports Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, allowing customers to move workloads freely between public cloud providers and avoiding public cloud vendor lock-in.

Community Server - Free-to-download version of our platform that includes the core functionality that developers need to get started with MongoDB.

MongoDB Stitch - Backend as a Service that lets developers easily compose external services to build great applications, without compromising on how they access their data. MongoDB Stitch provides a uniform, document-centric API to database operations and service integrations, and powerful, flexible access controls. With MongoDB Stitch, developers can focus on delivering rich user experiences and features rather than on operations or writing boilerplate code.

Professional Services - MongoDB professional services include consulting and training, with the goal of optimizing customers’ MongoDB deployments.

Use Cases

MongoDB is the next-generation database that has the flexibility to fit a wide range of use cases. Popular use cases include Single View, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Analytics, Personalization, Catalog and Content Management.


Organizations of all sizes and in a variety of industries rely on MongoDB, Inc.’s software to build, run and scale modern applications. MongoDB has more than 20,200+ customers in over 100 countries. Customers include: Adobe, AstraZeneca, Bosch Software Innovations, Capital One, Cisco, eBay, Expedia, Experian Health, Live Nation, OTTO, Staples, Thermo Fisher Scientific, T-Mobile and more.


MongoDB, Inc. partners with over 1,000 system integrators, independent software and hardware vendors, cloud providers and resellers including Accenture, Adobe, Amazon, Carahsoft, Capgemini, Cisco, Google, Informatica, Infosys, IBM, EMC-Dell, Microsoft, Netapp, New Relic, Nuxeo, Pivotal, Red Hat, SHI, Sitecore, SoftwareOne, Tableau, Transmit Security, Talend and Wipro.


The global MongoDB community is large and growing, with over 70 million downloads, over one million registrations for MongoDB University courses and 55,000 user group members.

Board of Directors

Mr. Tom Killalea, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Chip Hazard, General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners
Mr. Roelof Botha, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Mr. John McMahon, Independent Advisor
Ms. Hope Cochran, Independent Advisor
Ms. Archana Agrawal, Chief Marketing Officer of Airtable
Mr. Francisco (Frank) D’Souza, co-founder Cognizant Technology Solutions
Mr. Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO, MongoDB


Mr. Dwight Merriman, Co-Founder, MongoDB
Mr. Albert Wegner, Partner, Union Square Ventures


Mr. Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO
Mr. Michael Gordon, COO and CFO
Mr. Mark Porter, CTO
Mr. Cedric Pech, CRO
Mr. Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer
Ms. Lena Smart, CISO
Mr. Richard Kreuter, CCO
Mr. Rishi Dave, CMO
Ms. Harsha Jalihal, Chief People Officer
Mr. Andrew Stephens, General Counsel

More Information, Twitter: @mongodb