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The Road to Smart Banking

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A Guide to Moving from Mainframe to Data Mesh and Data-as-a-Product

A world-class customer experience is mandatory for banks that wish to build engagement and loyalty, and expand their share of wallet. Smart banking is crucial to providing and supporting such an experience.

But like any other digital transformation, smart banking requires a fundamental change in the understanding of IT processes and a bank’s relationship with data.

By moving away from providing a database service via shared infrastructure to a model where internal groups provide the data itself as a product, smart banks can provide better customer experiences and increase their speed of innovation, while also reducing costs.

Read 'The Road to Smart Banking: A Guide to Moving from Mainframe to Data Mesh and Data-as-a-Product' to learn:

  • How to establish data-as-a-product across a bank
  • How a data mesh is foundational for smart banking
  • How to integrate data from legacy mainframes and databases into a data mesh
  • Getting started with a 5 step guide to mainframe offloading
  • 9 case studies of MongoDB clients adopting smart banking principles

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