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Balancing Speed and Risk with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

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What is multi-cloud?

How can a multi-cloud strategy help accelerate your organization’s development speed?

And how can it help mitigate the risks that you are facing?

In an economy increasingly defined by digital experiences, success depends on speed — on how quickly teams can build, test, learn from, and adapt new software applications and services.

But moving from idea to prototype to production is time-sensitive. Go too slow and your competition might eat you for lunch. Go too fast, and you must confront risks like vendor lock-in and technical sprawl or failure.

A smart multi-cloud strategy helps you balance speed and risk. One scenario: Move faster by tapping in to the best tools from each cloud provider; reduce your risk by building in multi-cloud resilience.

In this white paper, we explore

  • What multi-cloud means and its benefits
  • How a multi-cloud strategy can lead to greater developer speed
  • The risks that multi-cloud can lessen or eliminate

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