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MongoDB: Capabilities for Use in a Zero Trust Environment

Zero trust presents a new paradigm for cybersecurity. In a zero trust environment, the perimeter is assumed to have been breached. There are no trusted users, and no user nor device gains trust simply because of its physical or network location. Every user, device, and connection must be continually verified and audited.

Because databases contain so much of an organization’s sensitive (and regulated) information, as well as data that may not be sensitive but is critical to keeping the organization running, it’s imperative that your database is ready and able to work in a zero trust environment.

This paper will demonstrate MongoDB’s ability to be integrated into a zero trust environment. We’ll also explain some of the security measures that protect our cloud-based database, Atlas, and the rules governing employee access. And for our government customers, MongoDB Atlas for Government is FedRAMP Ready and in-process with HHS as the agency sponsor!

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