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Three Innovative Ways Retailers Use Search Beyond the Ecommerce Store

MongoDB Atlas Search for Retail

Today, modern retailers should be asking their CTOs and heads of development:

  • What are the search workloads within your company’s retail estate?
  • Are there internal applications that have your frontline or back-office staff frustrated with inefficient lookups?
  • Is the reason you’re not implementing search today the fact that it’s a heavy lift to add an additional technical component to your architecture?

These are the types of conversations that are driving adoption of Atlas Search across the retail industry, as businesses persevere in a tough macro-economic climate to do more with less. Adding vital functionality to applications without adding complexity is a win for the retailer, the workforce and the consumer. Read our white paper to learn about the top three search use cases for retailers that lie beyond the ecommerce search bar:

  1. In-store workforce applications
  2. Back office inventory and assortment
  3. Customer servicing
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