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Intelligently Manage and Store Data Where You Want With MongoDB

Giving you the freedom to run anywhere

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. Increasingly, that data is being stored in a public cloud as companies realize the agility and cost benefits of running on cloud infrastructure instead of maintaining their own data centers. At any given time, organizations must know where its data is located, replicated, and stored — as well as how it is collected and processed, constantly ensuring personal data privacy.

Creating a proper structure for storing your data where you want can be complex. This is impacting how organizations are designing their applications and many are seeing these challenges as an opportunity to transform how they engage with data.

Read this datasheet to learn:

  • Major considerations when managing your data
  • Some of the ways companies are using MongoDB to store data where they want and need it
  • How you can segment data by location with sharded clusters

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