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Data Mesh and the Pursuit of a Contextualized Customer Portfolio

A conversation with Credit Suisse, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and MongoDB

This paper is the result of conversations between Credit Suisse, AWS, and MongoDB around if and how Data Mesh could reshape the data landscape at a leading Wealth Manager. Some of those conversations have been happening for several years, but were recently brought to a head with the publication of Zhamak Dehghani’s Data Mesh book, which, for the first time, brought clarity and discipline to the different strands of thought on the topic.

Financial services companies frequently operate in business and technical silos. Marrying data from different systems into a single, reliable view of the customer is difficult. The concepts of Data Mesh – a new way of thinking about the data-driven organization – appear promising, with Credit Suisse exploring it as a potential solution.

Download this paper to learn from Credit Suisse, AWS, and MongoDB on:

  • What Data Mesh is and who owns the data
  • The sociotechnical challenge - why technical transformation can be much more about changing people’s behavior than it is about shifting technology

  • How to scale with cloud
  • Why data flexibility and fine-grained access are key for the successful implementation of a Data Mesh

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