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Serverless Database. Simple, hands-off data deployment.

Effortlessly scale to meet app demand with minimal configuration. Just pay for the operations you run.
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Atlas architecture diagram highlighting "Transactional" and "Analytical" within the Unified Query API category.
Harness the power of MongoDB with the ease of our serverless model. With serverless instances, now available in preview, we take the guesswork out of provisioning resources. Never provision more than you need, and only pay for what you use.
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Seamless, flexible deployment and scaling

Serverless instances on Atlas provide the resources you need to build a great application on-demand, even if you only use your database occasionally. Do you experience variable traffic? Unsure of the demand for your new app? We’ve got you covered. Just choose a cloud region and get started.
Illustration of three stacks representing databases. A crane picks up a portion of one of the stacks.

Backend infrastructure you can trust

You can work confidently with serverless instances. It’s backed by best-in-class automation that’s trusted by thousands of startups and enterprises, and always runs on the latest MongoDB version. Experience end-to-end security, continuous uptime, backups, metrics, and more.
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Simple, intuitive pricing

With serverless instances, you pay only for the operations you run. Determining cluster tiers to decide which resources you need to provision is a thing of the past. Plus, serverless instances are billed monthly, and metered on reads, writes, and storage.
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Feature overview
Always-on security
Secure data with built-in defaults for access and end-to-end encryption.
Performance advice
Get on-demand index and schema design best practices as your apps evolve.
Daily backups
Make sure your data is always available with daily backup snapshots.
Automated upgrades
Enjoy all the benefits of the latest MongoDB version.

Built for the way you work with data

Our platform is built by developers, for developers. That means giving you the flexibility to work with the languages and tools you prefer to use.
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Start with Serverless
Connect to an existing serverless instance, or create a serverless cloud database in minutes using the Atlas UI or administration API.
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Start with Serverless
Connect to an existing serverless instance, or create a serverless cloud database in minutes using the Atlas UI or administration API.
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MongoDB Shell
MongoDB Shell

Build incredible software with Atlas

Discover how to make the most of our application data platform so you can tailor it to your needs.
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Deploy a serverless database
Learn how easy it is to deploy a serverless database in Atlas using this step-by-step tutorial.
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View product updates and news
Check out our blog to learn about the latest innovations in Atlas
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Considering serverless?

Eliminate the need to size infrastructure with a serverless database and focus on what really matters, like building differentiating features.
Flexible to meet your workload
A serverless database scales up and down to fit your needs, and work best with applications that have variable or infrequent traffic.
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Get started with serverless instances.

It’s easy to try the preview release. Get started in seconds with minimal configuration needed and let Atlas do the rest.
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  • Up to 1 TB storage
  • Seamless scaling
  • Easy configuration
  • Always-on authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Usage-based pricing